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Redwood City Enrollment

Admission Agreement

Redwood City Admission Agreement

I agree to pay the fees for my child's tuition and abide by the Tuition Payment Procedures as represented on below of this Admission Agreement. I will obtain, in writing, any alternative arrangements I need for payment of tuition from the Administrator or Director.

I understand that if I withdraw my child voluntarily during the school year, neither tuition nor fees are refundable. And TRIMONT will require at least one-month advanced notice. All requests for program changes, either from parent(s) or Staff, must first receive prior written approval of the Administrator or Director after conference with the parent(s) and Staff. TRIMONT reserves the right to terminate a child's enrollment when it is in the best interest of the children and the Staff participating in the Program.

I understand that TRIMONT Schools provide a Montessori pre-school program available from 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. during the school year for children age 2 through 6, including Kindergarten. Child Care is available each school day depending on which campus the child attends. Following the same daily time schedules, Summer School sessions are held daily from mid-June to the last week in August.

TRIMONT calendar is matched as closely as possible to the Redwood City School District.

I understand that an initial interview between parents and the Administrator or Director is required to take place before any child is accepted as a TRIMONT student. Children will be admitted into TRIMONT schools only upon completion of all forms required by the Licensing Division of the California State Department of Social Services and TRIMONT. I understand that TRIMONT, a State licensed facility, abides by all codes, regulations, and laws of this State Agency.

I, or my spouse, or another adult, designated by me in writing, is responsible for signing my child in and out of School, listing, and initiating the time he/she arrives and leaves the premises.

Tuition Payment Procedure

  • Plan A: Tuition is computed for a school year of approximately 180 days, and is payable yearly, in one installment.
  • Plan B: This plan divides the yearly tuition into ten (10) equal installments. The first and last installments are due upon registration. The remaining installments are due before the first day of each month thereafter. Tuition installments paid after the 5th day of the month, are assessed a late charge of $50 per day payable at the same time the delinquent payment is received.
  • Tuition fees are non-refundable
  • Tuition cannot be reduced for absences because the child's place in class is reserved while the expenses of the School continue.
  • If a child remains at TRIMONT School, beyond his / her scheduled program time, $2.00 for each minute of lateness will be assessed. This fee shall be paid directly to the Child Care employee on duty at the time the child is picked up. A child left at School past 7:00 p. m., without notice, is considered abandoned and, through the Sheriff, is placed in the custody of Child Protective Services.
  • Checks, or Money Orders, are to be made payable to TRIMONT. A charge of $30.00 will be placed on any Returned Checks.

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